Healthcare Transformation 

Lead the way in transforming healthcare. >> 

After an Acquisition 
How one visionary leader used Applied Transformation after an acquisition to move his team from “still operating as two companies” to a fully accountable team with a common future.

Performance Intervention

Intervention for a struggling team or individual. >> 

Mergers & Acquisitions  

Fulfill the promise of a merger and develop a unified vision the organization. >> 

Performance Leadership 

Be a transformational leader. Produce unprecedented results. >> 

Launching a Mega Project 
What are the 7 key questions when launching a Mega Project using a transformational approach? 

Mega Project Delivery

A safe, on-time, on-budget

Mega Project is possible. >> 

Strategy Implementation

Successfully realize your

next era. >> 

Gender Diversity

Attracting, growing and retaining female talent makes good business sense.>> 

Safety Culture

Create a strong culture of safety

across your organization. >> 

Sunergos Institute
Transforming the social issues of our time. >> 

Diversity & Inclusion

Ignite innovation and elevate performance with diverse teams. >> 

Diversity in Tech
It is 2015, and diversity and inclusion (D&I) is the latest hot-button issue in technology. But why?

Featured Research & Articles

IT Program Implementation

Successfully implement your complex technology program.>> 

Launch a Cost Breakthrough

Gain a competitive edge for the future. >> 

Women & Purpose

It is becoming increasingly clear that one of the most-critical factors in women’s decision-making today is also the least tangible — a sense of purpose in their work.